A Personal Story

By a student, who has been attending Feldenkrais lessons for many years.

Having had a breast removed and completed a long course of chemotherapy, I found I was physically uncomfortable and always worried and stressed by every bump or lump and every ache and pain. I was stiff with tension and constantly fearful, then a friend introduced me to Feldenkrais classes.

That was many years ago. Since then the practice has enabled me to become more aware of how my body works, helped me monitor and understand the daily changes.

I was very lop sided, my remaining breast was large. Through many sessions I was able to see how this was affecting my balance and the way I walked and held myself. Feldenkrais helped to correct some of this imbalance and helped me to relax and feel comfortable again.

After another brush with cancer, I had my remaining breast removed, although this time I had some tools in place to help me.

I had a whole new body shape to accept and to understand, it was like starting from scratch again. My balance and my weight were different and once again the tension and fear were back .

It has taken time but I am once again comfortable and happy with who I am.

Why I love The Feldenkrais Method®:

  • The way each lesson is constructed
  • How it builds my physical awareness
  • The changes in my perception
  • How it helps to keep me moving in a fluid and comfortable way.
  • How I have been able to build and maintain a strong physical , mental and emotional picture of myself.

Why I continue
Feldenkrais gives me the tools to keep my body functioning and strong, helping me to be alert and alive to the changing patterns inevitable in an aging body.