Group Sessions

Iraina leading a group session

Iraina leading a group session

Awareness Through Movement

In a group session we are interested in focussing on an action that we do in everyday life such as:

  • walking
  • sitting
  • reaching
  • turning

In doing so, it is possible to notice any discomfort or limitation that is often missed or ignored in daily life.

There are thousands of Feldenkrais lessons, each of which addresses a specific action. The lessons can involve lying, sitting, kneeling or standing, or a combination of all of these. Iraina verbally guides students through a series of movement sequences, so they can sense as they move in order to develop greater awareness.

This increased awareness helps to release restrictive habits and increases the ability to move, think and feel with greater clarity and ease. People often begin to sense their potential for effortless yet powerful movement and at the end of each class people can experience changes or improvement in the range and fluidity of the original action.

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